How To Enroll If you were enrolled in the Global Industries Web Site previously, we have changed the way that you now log in to the website. Your User ID is now your email address. Your password has not changed. If your email address is coming up with a message that you are not enrolled, it's possible we did not have your email address and were unable to automatically enroll you in the revised site. Please email Steve Cohen (MIS Director) at On the email, please include your previous user ID and email address you wish to use as your login. We will set you up and email you back when you can log in. Click Here to Enroll contains their User ID and Password. notifying them that they have enrolled. The email that is sent to the employee also Administrator As each employee enrolls an email is forwarded to the employee, as well as the At this point, any other employee of the dealership may enroll as long as they have an email address. * be stored in a safe place. The email will also contain their User ID and password, which should Industries Dealer Web Site. Global notifying he/she that their form has been approved and that they are eligible to use the Administrator After the DC manager approves the enrollment form, an email is sent out to the * Center (DC) manager for approval of the dealership. This approval process should happen within 24 hours. enrolls, the enrollment form is electronically forwarded to their local Distribution Administrator Once the * and would be responsible for removing User ID's for employees that are no longer employed at your dealership. would be the main contact at the dealership Administrator The Administrator. must enroll as the at least one person at your dealership Global Industries Dealer Web Site, In order to start using the * Notice: